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Psychotherapy in English

Individual Psychotherapy

Aimed at adults seeking help with:

  1. depression
  2. bipolar affective disorder
  3. generalized anxiety disorder
  4. panic disorder
  5. fear of public presentations
  6. social phobia
  7. agoraphobia
  8. fear of loneliness
  9. hypochondria
  10. personality disorders
  11. psychosomatic disorders
  12. sleep disorders

Also for people who:

  1. have low self-esteem
  2. have problems with handling the difficulties of everyday life
  3. are struggling with the effects of chronic stress
  4. can't adapt to a different reality than theirs (studying or working abroad)
  5. are going through a difficult situation (job loss, chronic illness, divorce, breakup, mourning, etc)
  6. are victims of abuse (psychological, physical)
  7. are mobbing victims
  8. have problems with interacting with others
  9. have difficulty managing and expressing their emotions
  10. have problems with anger management
  11. have difficulty in making decisions
  12. have problems with motivation
  13. have difficulty in being assertive
  14. come from families of alcoholics or are co-dependent (living with an alcoholic)

Couple's Therapy

Intended for couples who:

  1. have problems in communication between spouses
  2. going through a marital/couple, family crisis
  3. have worsened their relationship
  4. have no satisfaction in their relationship
  5. have problems in the sexual sphere
  6. have difficulty expressing their emotions

Sex Therapy

Aimed at people seeking help for problems with:

  1. sexual rejection (produced by anxiety and fear)
  2. lack or loss of sexual desire
  3. sexual aversion
  4. lack of sexual enjoyment
  5. nonorganic dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)
  6. erectile dysfunction (impotence)
  7. ejaculation problems (premature, delayed)
  8. sex addiction (pornography, masturbation)
  9. excessive sexual drive
  10. anorgasmia (lack of orgasm)
  11. lack of acceptance of one's sexual orientation
  12. trouble accepting the sexual orientation of people nearby
  13. problems with trauma of people who were / are victims of abuse or sexual harassment
  14. fear of revealing their sexual orientation
  15. anxiety or fear of pregnancy, motherhood

As part of psychoeducation and sexual orientation, among others, we're dedicated to:

  1. psychosexual development of children and adolescents
  2. difficulties in connecting and maintaining a relationship
  3. relationship problems (unfaithfulness)
  4. tips for initiating a successful sex life
  5. birth control



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